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Robyn Malcolm


3/15/1965, Ashburton, New Zealand

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Robyn Malcolm


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Robyn is a New Zealand actress best known for her role of Nurse Ellen Crozier on Shortland Street and Cheryl on Outrageous Fortune.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2013, Roby won "Best Supporting Actress" at the Berlin International Film Festival for her role in Top of the Lake.

    • In 2011, Robyn was nominated for "Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film" at the Aotearoa Film & Television Awards for her role in Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell.

    • Robyn's recent theatre credits include:
      (2011) Mary Stuart "Mary Stuart", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Colin McColl
      (2010) Happy Days "Winnie", Silo Theatre, dir. Michael Hurst
      (2007) The Cut "Susan", Silo Theatre
      (2005) The Duchess of Malfi "Cariolla", Auckland Theatre Company
      (2002) Leah "Kent/Caius", New Zealand Actors Company
      (2002) Middle Age Spread "Judy", Auckland Theatre Company
      (2001) A Midsummer Nights Dream, "Titania", New Zealand Theatre Company's South Island Tour
      (2001) A Way of Life "Jenny", New Zealand Actors Company
      (2000) A Midsummer Nights Dream, "Titania", New Zealand Theatre Company's North Island Tour
      (2000) Cat On A Hot Tin Roof "Maggir", Downstage Theatre, dir. Colin McColl
      (1999) Much Ado About Nothing "Beatrice", Downstage Theatre, dir. Miranda Harcourt
      (1995) Othello "Emilia", Watershed Theatre, dir. Michael Hurst

    • Robyn was in Belgium when she got a call asking her to audition for Outrageous Fortune, and she decided to give it a go. She had to go through four rounds of auditions, because even though the producers loved her work, they were a bit worried that her stint as the beloved Nurse Crozier on Shortland Street would keep the show's audience from accepting her in this new role.

    • Robyn's future aspirations are to go night diving with manta rays (after she earns her divers licence), read the Bible and the Koran, play Cleopatra on stage, visit Tibet, meet Judi Dench, act with Sean Penn and Meryl Streep, write a good poem, and see an Orca whale up close.

    • In 2007, Robyn's Outrageous Fortune cast mate Frank Whitten asked her to audition for the role of his wife in the play The Cut. Whitten told her teasingly, "She's an absolute pig of a woman so you'd be perfect for the role." She wasn't sure about the commitment of time necessary, but she loved the writing so much she decided she had to do it.

    • Robyn is inspired by actresses Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and fellow Kiwis Elizabeth Hawthorne and Catherine Wilkin.

    • Robyn co-founded New Zealand Actors Company with Katie Wolfe, Timothy Balme, and Simon Bennett, but the company, after initial successes, closed after two years.

    • In 2006, Robyn was one of a number of New Zealand celebrities to take a shift at an M.A.C make-up counter on World AIDS Day to help raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in New Zealand and support "Positive Women", an organisation whose purpose is to assist HIV positive women in living normal lives.

    • Robyn has done numerous commercials, including those for Panasonic batteries, NZ Forestry Service, NZ Lamb, and Public Service Melanoma Screenings.

    • Robyn has worked as a voice artist, and can act using various accents, including US (LA), British, Australian and her native Kiwi.

    • In 1998 Robyn was nominated for "Best Actress" at the TV Guide Television Awards for her role of Nurse Ellen Crozier on Shortland Street.

    • Robyn won best "Performance by an Actress in General Television" three times at the Qantas Film and Television Awards, in 2006, 2007 and 2008. She was nominated in 2006, but lost to Kate Elliott. Robyn won the awards for her role as Cheryl West on the hit show Outrageous Fortune. She has also won the 2005 & 2007 Woman's Day Readers' Choice Awards for "Favourite Female Personality"; the 2005, 2006 & 2007 TV GUIDE "Best on the Box Awards" for "Best Actress", and in 2007 and 2009 "Sexiest Woman", all due to her role as Cheryl West. In 2010, she was named both "Sexiest Woman" and "Best Actress" in the TV GUIDE "Best on the Box Awards".

    • In 2005 Robyn traveled to France to present a TV One documentary titled Our Lost War: Passchendaele. The feature was about the World War I battle in which Robyn's great uncle, as well as many other ANZAC soldiers, lost their lives.

    • Robyn's character Cheryl West on Outrageous Fortune smokes frequently, but they are actually harmless herbal honey rose cigarettes. Robyn used to be a heavy smoker of regular cigarettes, but quit years before she got this part, and hasn't smoked one of them since.

    • In 2002 Robyn was nominated for "Best Actress" at the TV Guide Television Awards for her telefeature Clare.

    • Robyn has won two Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards, and has been nominated for a third. In 1999 she won "Best Actress" for her role of Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, and in 1989 she won "Best Newcomer". In 1991 she was nominated for "Best Support Actress".

    • Robyn is a celebrity spokeswoman for New Zealand's Green Party, and will be doing commercials supporting their bid for seats in the country's parliament. Robyn does composting, grows her own veggies, and walks wherever possible, but admits that there are more things she could be doing to be completely environmentally friendly. But she says that talking about these issues and being conscious of the impact that our everyday actions have on the Earth is something everyone can do.

    • When she's not working, Robyn likes to read, listen to music, catch up with friends, hang out with her kids, and just stare out her window.

    • Besides being an actress, Robyn often works as a Speaker/MC for events. She generally speaks on the topics: Social Services, Psychology, Music, Opera, Broadcasting, Intrepid Travel, Current Affairs, Fashion, Alternative Medicine, Parenting, Community Work, Conservation/Environment, Food & Wine, Gardening, Health & Lifestyle, Theatre, Dance, Art, Film & Television, Politics, Poetry, Satire, Literature/Books, History, Theatresports.

    • In 2003, Robyn studied in London with a Globe Masterclass Scholarship with the major "Shakespeare In Performance".

    • In 2005 Robyn won "Best Performance by an Actress" at the New Zealand Screen Awards for her show Serial Killers.

    • When asked what her favorite roles are, she said she is most fond of playing Cheryl on Outrageous Fortune, Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Beatrice in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

    • Robyn went to the Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School and graduated 1987. She is now listed as one of their most famous success stories at the school's website.

    • In 2000 Robyn married musician Allan Clark. The couple have two sons (Charlie, born Feb 2004 and Pete, born Dec 2005). The couple have since split up, with Robyn primarily raising the boys with the help of a live-in nanny.

    • Robyn is represented professionally in New Zealand by the firm Johnson & Laird Management. In Australia she is represented by Sue Barnett & Associates.

    • Robyn is 5'5 1/2", and has blond hair and hazel eyes.

  • Quotes

    • Robyn: (after controversially becoming the spokesman for the NZ Actors Equity) I could choose not to care. I could just very quietly not rock the boat. I am a working solo mother of two boys and I don't have a job. Outrageous Fortune has finished. I am looking for work. Would I really, in the words of Cheryl West, want to root my own industry?

    • Robyn: (on being an actress) The whole point of any creative endeavour is to get that lightning in the bottle and to have fun with it. The moment you're no longer walking on that tightrope, you might as well not be there. You might as well be doing some other job.

    • Robyn: (on being a single, working mother of two children under two yrs) I went quite mad last year. The good thing is that when you go mad, you don't know you're going mad. You only know that you were mad when you're not any more. You come out the other end going, 'Whoa, good, I'm back to myself again.' And everyone else has fallen over.

    • Robyn: (on her "Outrageous Fortune" character Cheryl West) Her attributes are equally attractive and unattractive which simply makes her human. A good cleavage and some tight jeans never hurt either.

    • Robyn: (on "Serial Killers") The whole five weeks was pretty funny... I think I had a good giggle most days. Of course I was seven months pregnant at the time, so I was batty and hormonal which added to the hysteria. I guess because we were all so aware of where a lot of James's material had come from it added to the naughtiness of it all.

    • Robyn: (on her show "Serial Killers") It is a marvellous thing to be able satirise something you've had an intimate relationship with in the past- i.e. a soap opera- it's healthy. I'm afraid to say I've encountered the soap actor stereotype shown in Serial Killers and there are truly recognisable traits in the writers too. James Griffin's satire is alarmingly accurate at times!

    • Robyn: (comparing her "Outrageous Fortune" character to Winston Churchill) He was a fantastic Prime Minister in war but in peace time he was crap and I think that's how Cheryl is. She's great when life is hard but the minute everything is calm she is hopeless. She can't sit still and relax.

    • Robyn: (on doing nude scenes) I'm not really too insecure these days. I life modelled for art classes years ago to get over some of that. I guess I would have an issue if I had to be bare breasted. After breastfeeding my kids gravity has not been enormously charitable, but then they're real and they're mine and they still do the business in a good bra so who cares?

    • Robyn: (on doing theatre) When you work on television you work in a specific way and it's easy to forget there is a big wide world out there of other stuff. You put your head on the block a lot more with theatre, particularly a play like this where there is not a sugar pill at the end.

    • Robyn: The machinations of whatever love life I might or might not have is nobody's business. That's just gossip. As my sisters used to say, 'Who cares? It's just smelly old Rob.'

    • Robyn: (on being a single mother) My relationship with chaos is a healthy one.

    • Robyn: One of my life's journeys is actually to learn to accept and appreciate what I'm good at.

    • Robyn: (on her show "Outrageous Fortune") The minute we turn into Desperate Housewives will be the time to quit.

    • Robyn: (on "Outrageous Fortune") We're still loving it. If the writers stay in love with the characters and keep writing the stories, we'll play them. TV is a long-distance run and we've got stamina.

    • Robyn: (asked if she is similar to her character Cheryl on "Outrageous Fortune") I have a bit of a potty mouth but that much cleavage would scare me ****less! So not really, no. She's much tougher than I am.

    • Robyn: I come to work and go, 'God, that storyline's a bit extreme or full on'. And then you go out into the real world and realize it's no more full on or dramatic than a fair proportion of people's lives. The business of living is quite dramatic and is full of hardship, tragedy, joy and pain.

    • Robyn: (referring to her role on "Outrageous Fortune") Cheryl is great fun. Particularly when you know that the audience enjoys her as much as I enjoy playing her!

    • Robyn: (on being named "Sexiest Woman on NZ TV" in 2009) There are some sexy birds out there. I'll put it down this year to my one nudie walking scene in Outrageous Fortune, maybe that was it. I've got an OK kind of bum.

    • Robyn: (on being an actress) To stay in this industry you need a hide of leather to withstand all the public criticism, an unshakable love of what you are doing (and not where it will get you) and a clear understanding of why you are doing it your way and no one else's.

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