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    I need to lose weight! You gave out a copy of your new book. Is there an extra copy I could have please! I was hit by a drunk driver w/ no insurance. Had to have a total knee replacement in Aug. Still in pain today just to find out they put in a knee to large. Need another surgery. Pain is so bad I eat. My body fat is now 44% and I can't exercise because of my knee and broken wrist. My health insurance won't cover 2nd surgery, so I'm saving up until I can afford it. That is why I can't afford to buy your book. Please help me by sending me a book to teach me how to eat again! The surgery would go better if I lost some of this new weight!


  • Arrogant.

    Can't back his mouth.
  • Really a great chef that needs his own show!

    I think that he needs his own show and that he is very talented and really handsome. Because he shows not just good looks. But good charm and so really good personality. Which you need in a tv show personality. After he or I have seen him on the Top Chef tv show on Bravo. Really he knows his food. And that he is now trying to take that to the footwork. In the seventh season of "Dancing With the Stars!" Rocco is single still and that he really needs a good woman. To help balance his life out with a good woman.
  • Do not know why?

    Hi every one! I mostly like CSI Miami. House, amazing race, and the new show the restaurant its show's on discovery travel and living channeled. I thought the show was new when it came to the discovery travel and living channeled but I found out that the show was aired on 2003/2004 so it's little sad to know that, I just watch only two Episodes Of THE restaurant, and I like the show so much but the thing that I don't understands is why people don't like Rocco DiSpirito? Anyway I think he is ok and the show is really good and he did a good job on it. Good luck to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!