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  • I love NCIS but I don't like the director. Could the writer bring Jennie back? I love the spark between Gibbs and Jennie, it was for a good show, really kept you on the edge of your seat.

    I love NCIS but I don't lkie the director. Could the writer bring Jennie back? Ilove the turmoil between Jennie and Gibbs, really kept you on the edge of your seat. On the marathons I wish the stations would have the shows in order. I sit here during a marathon and get completely lost. Altho I have seen all the shows several times I still watch every series. The part of the director is a very important role, but Rocky is a bit much. He talks down to the agents like he's a lot better than them.
    I will continue to watch NCIS no matter who is the director.
  • Unsure how to rate this guy.

    Have only seen this guy once - when he replaced Jenny. (Wasn't thrilled with Jenny either. I'm watching re-runs now because I never watched NCIS before July 2009. I know, STUPID.) I think a better choice would have been another female so there was some sexual tension between her and Gibbs. Perhaps someone from a different agency? Or maybe the mystery redhead who is occasionally seen picking him up or dropping him off? However, I'll give this guy a chance and see what happens. Won't like anyone telling Gibbs how to run his team, however; and certainly do NOT like the idea of completely replacing the team. THAT will NOT work.
  • hi, from the philippine islands!!

    hi, im from the phils.i absolutely love the show.i so love the addition of rocky carroll and his character to the show.he's a no-nonsense director,perfectly blends in with the serious and the funny nature of the show.i dont wanna compare his character with jenny shepard's but, i can help it. i didnt like how jenny shepard was too much about the politics of being the NCIS director, she sometimes did not put the team first in her role as director. i like how leon is the complete episode, when it comes to crunch time, he's a nice guy to have on your side...i also love rocky carroll, what a great actor!! this is simply good tv for me, have this show on dvd, our TV telecast here of the US shows are often delayed, so we watch the weekly show online...that's how much we love the looking forward to watching more episodes and more seasons of this wonderful show!!!
  • Rocky Carrol is a great actor and I'm glad to have him on NCIS.

    Rocky Carrol has a great chemistry with Mark Harmon on NCIS but also shines when he has his own plots. Rocky Carrol was absolutely a great addition to NCIS and I'm really happy to have him on the show. He brings a much needed atmosphere of mystery to the part. NCIS was the first show I've seen in him and his job on it made me a fan right away. With luck he'll stay on NCIS for its run and get another big part on a new show. You can count me in as a fan from this point forward.
  • I like the NCIS shake-up.

    A season under his belt as Director of NCIS and mystery notwithstanding, I think Rocky Carroll has fleshed out the cast beautifully.

    I was not a "Jenny" fan particularly. I wasn't a "Jenny" enemy either, but she didn't bring the authority or drama or interest to the character of Director that "Vance" does. And I like that I go back and forth between the impression that Vance is a good guy who is just stuck being the man behind the desk where the buck stops, to the impression that he is really hiding something deep and dark and that he is going to make "Lee's" betrayal look like a walk in the park this season.

    Bring it Rocky. Whomever or whatever your "Vance" is, he is keeping the show and the scripts honest. And I'm impressed.
  • Mr. Carroll not a good fit

    I don't think Mr. Carroll is a good fit for this role. It should be a woman to allow Gibbs to do what he does....flirt !!! Vance doesn't fit I am sorry to say. I miss the other Director...there was history there which made things interesting and sizzle. Abby has Tim, Zeeba has Tony....Gibbs needs a love interest with power. Mr. Carroll is a great actor, but this is not where he should be cast. He doesn't have the quick wit and silliness that the rest of the cast exhibits. He is more refined and would be cast better on a more serious series.
  • Rocky Carrol as Director Vance brings a lot of dynamic in the show.

    When Vance became Director, I hated him. Pretty much like every other NCIS fan I guess, so no surprises there. I still don't like his persona, because I am pretty sure he too has a hidden agenda - just like Jenny.

    But the way he brings dynamic in the show as Director, as opponent almost for Gibbs, is just fantastic. He doesn't but in with the cases like Jenny did, he won't allow that he's played around, but he isn't invisible.

    After a Director we hardly saw (Morrow), a Director we saw way too much (Jenny) we finally have one who meets those in the middle. His character is developing, and he does his own things. But most of all he's Director of NCIS and clashes with Gibbs perfectly.
  • NCIS went from one poorly acted Director to another. Really. How hard is it to cast this role???

    NCIS went from one poorly acted Director to another. Come on. Really? How hard could it possibly be to cast this role??? I have thoroughly enjoyed every single actor on this series except the Director for years. I kept praying that they would replace Ms. Holly with an actor of equal aptitude as the rest of the cast. Part of my prayers were answered. They replaced her...with an equally poor actor. Please, people. You have an excellent show with an excellent cast (except for this guy). Hire someone with some acting talent and let's get the show on the road. (Pun intended.)
  • ummmm....hmmmmmm

    don't really like this character overall, i bet the acter is fine but seriously? NCIS needed to find a a really good interesting actor/actress we wanted to watch or learn more about, esspecialyl after Jenney died (lauren holly). but in genral, don't like him, he needs to go, find somone we want to watch and who isn't such a complete bone-head and chews o na toothpick an inter episode. maybe the producer dreated this character just to hate him, i don't know, but overall, not my favorite. ok now i'm just randomly typeing to reach one hundred words, and, now!
  • Didn't know how to classify him.

    His character is just too over bearing.I'm sure he is a nice guy but just don't like the character the way he is written.They did the same thing on Bones and it makes it hard to like the Overbearing guys thatt try and bully their way in everything.Don't we have enough of that in Politics now or the MEDIA or Hollywood for that mattter.My way or Else attitude of the Elites just rubs me the wrong way.Just say no to BO.Dang isn't that 100 words yet?Either make Rockeys character a little more like Gibbs or get rid of him.Strong but loving and respetful.
  • Rocky Carroll is one of the most talented actors ever on television. I still watch Roc on TV One because I can't find Mr. Carroll anywhere else. I feel proud to have so much talent come from SW Ohio. I just wish we could see more of him.

    Rocky Carroll describes himself as a perfectionist with a passion for acting. His television credits include starring roles in Chicago Hope, on the CBS Television Network, for which he was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series. He was also a regular in the comedy series Roc for its three seasons, including the year it was broadcast live. Carroll's career began on the New York stage, in productions of Richard II and Henry IV, Part 1, with the New York Shakespeare Festival, and the Broadway hit The Piano Lesson, for which he received a Tony Award nomination.

    Carroll's feature film credits include Crimson Tide, The Great White Hype, Born on the Fourth of July, Prelude to a Kiss Talk Radio, The Chase, Best Laid Plans and the upcoming Ladies Man.

    He recently directed a professional equity production of Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson's Fences, which was performed for public school students in Cincinnati.

    Carroll was born in Cincinnati and attended the Cincinnati High School of Dramatic and Performing Arts and Webster University Conservatory. He and his wife now live in Los Angeles. His birth date is July 8, 1963.