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  • A Great champion of American short story fiction.

    As a lifelong fan of short story fiction, I simply must take this opportunity to pay my respects to the memory of Rod Serling. An intensely talented writer, he could make you think, break your heart or scare the bejeezus out of you depending on his frame of mind when he sat down to the keyboard to write. On both his Night Gallery and Twilight Zone series, he highlighted the talents of other masters of the short story, past and present. His collaborations with Richard Matheson are legendary, what serious fan of horror could ever forget "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", perhaps the most famous and talked about Twilight zone ever made? His absence from the world of story telling is keenly felt. There will never be another like him.
  • Serling IS the Twilight Zone!

    If you ask me, Serling just didn't host and write the Twilight Zone as He WAS & IS the Twilight Zone. And that it is his beauty and show that became a hit and a classic for many generations to come. Wished that he didn't die too young. But still, he would be pleased to see others that are experiencing his work and his talent now. Even though he isn't here. Still always has and always will be a legend!
  • Ahead of his time.

    Rod Serling was a literary genius! He was a fabulous writer, made evident by his episodes of The Twilight Zone. Serling wrote a majority of the episodes and based most of them on his own personal experiences. He was also a great narrarator for the show. He had a way about him that when he talked, you wanted to listen to him. You wanted to hear the story that he was about to tell. I loved his episodes of the Twilight Zone because they always had a twist at the end than you never saw coming. And they often made you take a look at things differently. I am very sad that he died before I was born. I would have loved to met him. Rod Serling is one of my role models.
  • An amazing man!


    Rod Serling in my opinion is one of the bestwriters when it comes to short stories. He was a real genius when it came down to showing and expressing morals so well. Most of all this man is just such a smart and creative guy whenwriting short stories. Although it is really sad that Rod Serling died at such a young age, because of this we will never see what this man's ideas and what his planing to do next.Rest in peace Rod Serling you will be greatly missed.

  • A true pioneer in television science-fiction.

    If you could write a list of the greatest writers and directors in the early days of television, Rod Serling would be on the top of that list. One of my all time favorite shows by far was The Twlight Zone. I have seen every episode of it more times than I am able to count. It really set the trend for serious science-fiction, fantasy, and horror for television. He was also great with drama as shown on the eraly days of television. In my humble opinion (and trekkies might lynch me for this), The Twilgiht Zone even beats Star Trek by light years.
  • A visionary, a genius, a great writer.

    Rod Serling was an excellent writer and a great narrator for the Twilight Zone. What is really impressive about what he did with the show is that he was able to channel the subjects which interested and scared people in his time-the fear of nuclear war, the inhumanity of war, the mysteries of space, time travel, the potential negative side-effects of advances in technology, human nature, and many others. He made these delightful mysteries appealing to all crowds, he wrote brilliantly, and he also made the coolest narrator ever. Serling was one of the best writers of his time, and made a show unlike any before it.
  • A great writer, a great thinker, a great man.

    Rod Serling, my be the most alluded to man, in the history of showbiz. The creations of his, on the TV classic, the Twilight Zone, have been remade, homaged to, spoofed, and all around enjoyed more than any other show before or after. Not even Hitchock has been parodied so many times. It takes a truly inventive and talented creative genius to pull of something like that. Rod Serling is more than a clever author, or writer, he is truly a legend in his field. With more original television ideas than any other man before him, or possibly after him, Rod Serling is truly one of a kind.
  • Fan-tastic!

    Rod Serling, creator of the popular television hits, The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, truly cornered the market on suspense driven plot twists. His writing and supervising of both series produced countless classic episodes, which are parodied every day. How many times has another movie or television show had a man, seemingly insane, yelling that there is a monster outside destroying the plane? etc. etc. etc. There are so many examples of how Serling's creation flowed into our culture and made impressions on so many people. The Twilight Zone caused me to think of the phrase "To Serve Man" differently and Night Gallery made me realize how precious sight is. Well, maybe I wouldn't go that far, but, if you ever get a chance to watch The Twilight Zone, don't pass up the opportunity.