Rodney King

Rodney King


4/2/1965, Sacramento California

Birth Name

Rodney Glen King


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Afro-American motorist who was videotaped being beaten by four Los Angeles police officers after a high speed freeway chase on March 3, 1991. The subsequent acquittal of the four officers who were charged with using excessive force against King led to massive and destructive rioting in Los Angles in 1992.more


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    • King (during the 1992 riots): People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?

    • Comedian George Wallace after King was arrested for driving his car into a wall outside a Los Angeles nightclub while intoxicated: "Rodney didn't hit that wall. That wll hit Rodney. It was a white wall."

    • the 2002 film Dark Blue is based on the Rodney King case.

    • King has been married at least twice and has at least one daughter from a teenage relationship.

    • During the 1992 riots King appeared in front of the cameras and pleaded, "Can we get along here? Can we all get along?"

    • The 1991 beating incident took place in a Los Angeles neighborhood known as Lake View Terrace.

    • The videotape of the King beating was made by a man named George Halliday.

    • The Rev. Jesse Jackson said after the acquittal of the four policemen that Rodney King had not been given a jury of his peers due to the fact that the case was tried in Simi Valley not Los Angeles. Jackson apparently forgot that it was the police officers who were on trial not King.

    • The prosecution in the original trial of the four police officers for assaulting King didn't put him on the stand because they didn't think he would make a good witness and they thought that mentioning his prison record might influence the jury in a negative manner.

    • Two of the four officers involved in the beating of King were later tried and convicted in Federal court for violating his civil rights.

    • Many long-time NAACP members criticized the organization when it gave King one of its numerous Image Awards in 1993.

    • King is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and for many years has been photographed attending their games.

    • At last report Rodney King is living in Rialto, CA and is bankrupt.

    • King received $3.8 million in a civil suit against the LAPD but that money is reportedly long since gone. Approximately a third of the money was taken by King's lawyers as their fee.

    • Since the 1991 incident King has been arrested nearly a dozen times for offenses such as spousal abuse, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, drug possession, and soliciting a transvestite prostitute.

    • After his March 3, 1991 arrest, King was charged with felony evading but these charges were later dropped.

    • According to King's parole officer he was "basically a decent guy.....His problem was alcoholism."

    • On November 3, 1989 King assaulted a convenience store clerk with a tire iron and fled with $200.00. He received two years in prison for this offense but was paroled after a year.

    • King's two passengers in his vehicle got out of the car as instructed and caused no problems for the police.

    • Before his notoriety, King had gone by his middle name Glen not Rodney.

    • King was pulled over on March 3, 1991 while admittedly driving under the influence of alcohol and probably narcotics too. He had been driving at speeds up to 115 miles per hour.

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