Roger Donaldson





11/15/1945 , Ballarat, Australia

Birth Name



Roger Donaldson is a film producer, director and screenwriter from Australia. He was born in Ballarat, Australia on November 15, 1945. When he was 20 years old, Donaldson moved to New Zealand and founded a photography firm. His directorial debut, "Sleeping Dogs," was released in 1977. Donaldon's star soared immediately; this was the first film to be produced in New Zealand in about 15 years. In 1978, he convinced the government to establish the New Zealand Film Commission. In 1984, Donaldson directed "The Bounty," an adaptation of "Mutiny on the Bounty," and he has been in demand as a director and producer since that time. "The Bounty" was a particularly important film in Donaldon's career because of the unusual circumstances surrounding his attachment to the project. The film was initially directed by legendary British director David Lean, who left the project before it was completed. Donaldson's ability to assume control of a major motion picture in the middle of filming greatly impressed studios and critics alike.