Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert


6/18/1942, Urbana, Illinois, U.S.

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Roger Joseph Ebert


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Roger Ebert was born on June 18, 1942 in Urbana, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois and received an undergraduates while working on the "The Daily Illini".z

In 1967, he began his long association with "The Chicago Sun Times" where he would spend the rest of…more


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  • Roger Ebert

    Roger Ebert is one not just one but the best crictiC. His show is done well with chechy music. I like the way they rate movies thumbs up thumbs down . Thats very good. It is sad how he has missed so many episodes for Ebert and Roper but to me he is a lengend
  • My bias towards fellow Chicagoans aside...I find Roger Ebert to be spot on in his reviews about 85-90% of the time.

    I am from Chicago, and we have a variety of film critics to choose from, but even if I was from another state I would still agree with most of Ebert\'s reviews. He usually is very fair, despite personal preferences, and can judge a film by what it is. There have been several movies that I have had absolutely no interest in until reading his review...And I secretly thank him for textually persuading me to see a great movie. On the flip side, he has kept me from (or delayed me from) seeing not-so-good movies.

    While I take his word as gospel the majority of the time, like with any review...It comes down to opinions. I feel like some people tend to forget that opinions are not fact, no matter how strongly you may believe in them. Until Roger and I have a major disagreement, I will continue to follow his reviews to the end of the Earth.

    *cue dramatic end music*moreless