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  • My bias towards fellow Chicagoans aside...I find Roger Ebert to be spot on in his reviews about 85-90% of the time.

    I am from Chicago, and we have a variety of film critics to choose from, but even if I was from another state I would still agree with most of Ebert\'s reviews. He usually is very fair, despite personal preferences, and can judge a film by what it is. There have been several movies that I have had absolutely no interest in until reading his review...And I secretly thank him for textually persuading me to see a great movie. On the flip side, he has kept me from (or delayed me from) seeing not-so-good movies.
    While I take his word as gospel the majority of the time, like with any review...It comes down to opinions. I feel like some people tend to forget that opinions are not fact, no matter how strongly you may believe in them. Until Roger and I have a major disagreement, I will continue to follow his reviews to the end of the Earth.
    *cue dramatic end music*