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  • Trivia

    • He opened every newscast with "Good evening, I'm Roger Grimsby, here now the news"; closed with "Hoping your news is good news, I'm Roger Grimsby."

  • Quotes

    • Roger Grimsby: (introducing sportscaster Howard Cosell on a 1969 newscast) And now, let's go to the president of the Howard Cosell fan club.

    • Roger Grimsby: (after Tom Snyder's final Eyewitness News broadcast in 1984) Well, Tom, without being presumptuous, I can talk for the Eyewitness Newsroom and say that your professionalim-- professionalism is going to be missed. We're very sorry to see you leave. I cannot speak for the people who forced your decision, if I could I wouldn't have to say anything at all.

    • Roger Grimsby: (during a 1983 broadcast, after a reporter gave "the finger" on-camera) Well, as Mara Wolynski would say, "We're Number One."