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  • Roger Guenveur Smith-If you have never had the opportunity to see this actor perform, please take a moment to check him out. He is really good at what he does. I think it's time he should be recognized more than he is now. He has so much talent.

    I Have had the opportunity to see the one man stage performance of (A Huey P Newton Story)performed by none other than the talented Mr. Roger Guenveur Smith. I have seen him act in many other film directed by Spike Lee before, but nothing like the one man show. After veiwing this film I got a little curious. I went back a few years and sought out some of his work he has done and I found that this brother is actually more talented that we may think or have seen. I have surfed many different website and found that he also has a few books too. Childrens books. I like him because he's low key, soft spoken, and you never really hear a lot about him in the media. He tends to keep a low profile(which is good)and very, very handsome I might add. From all of the information that I have read, the brother really has a lot to offer. He has not shinned out in the public eye like most actors have. And he does a lot of work with the Theater for the Arts. He has spoken at many different schools. I missed the chance to see him tonight in Philly at the Theater for the Arts and hope to make it to the west coast next year to see him at the Watts Towers in Culver City, California. When you listen to him talk he makes you feel warm and welcome. It's like you already know him. He is my #1 top best actor of all time. He is very smooth. Mr. Roger Guenveur Smith deserves more recognition then he gets. If given the chance I would love to have the opportunity to just sit and chat with him. He's smart, charismatic, funny and very, very intelligent. Of all the films that I've seen him in...I keep asking myself how did I miss out on him.