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  • what a loser! Go on Rome and call Jim Tressel gutless? Pathetic, go back to blind date you f'ing tree hugger!!!! What you said on Rome made me and every other person who knows football sick.....Some queer calling Jim Tressel gutless. Is Troy smith next?

    Go kill yourself Roger. It's okay to be a fool on a stupid game show, but when you go on Rome and call the best college football coach (with the best team, again) gutless, you should blow your brains out. Get a clue you piece of garbage. Furthermore, it sickens me that Rome would have a nobody loser like you on his program. You are such a Puss. I think you should try to find a job with the oxygen network so you can work with your own kind. I cannot believe espn would even let a guy who hosted a dating show come on a show and call himself an analyst. You are pathetic! I hope you realize that making an assinine, uninformed comment like that should cost you any chance of talking about sports on tv ever again.
    You suck.