Roger R. Cross





10/19/1969 , Christiana, Jamaica

Birth Name




Roger Cross graduated from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, with a degree in Aviation and General Studies. He had wanted to become a pilot after his first plane ride at the young age of 11. Inbetween flying he did small acting roles and stuntwork.

He was then cast in the feature film The International Rescue which sent him to China, Vietnam and Burma. This experience changed his career path and he decided to become an actor.

Cross has been seen on other notable programs, including Steven Spielberg's Taken, Francis Ford Coppola's First Wave, and several episodes of The Outer Limits. Roger was also on the critically acclaimed series The 4400.

In addition to Cross' many television credits, he has been in numerous feature films.

Roger was born in Jamaica, but ended up moving to Vancouver, BC, Canada, at the age of 11, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.