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  • Roger, Roger, Roger... what to say about Roger....?

    I have very little to say about Roger. I thought he was a chauvinistic, sexist, rude, overly vocal man, who had no concept of what the game was about, how to play, why he was playing or how to deal with other people.

    His comments throughout were at times so overtly non-conformist and completely inappropriate you were unsure how to take him. I took him badly.

    The greatest moments of Roger's survivor time occurred in the merge episode when, first and foremost, Roger jumped off the perch, being the only contestant not to get a food reward. Priceless moment. The second great moment occurred during the building of the new hut, when the scheming behind his back made one of the greatest scenes of the series. Hilarious stuff from Deena, Christy, Rob and the girls. The third amazing moment was when Roger got voted out. An absolute triumph to the women - beautifully constructed and flawlessly executed.

    And so ends my tirade on Roger the chauvinistic, sexist, homophobic pig. Take care my friend.