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  • Roger Smith: an inspired and inspiring hero for those with eyes to see.


    Those who compare the series to the 1955 movie miss the point. The context of the former of couse has far bigger, not lesser demands than a mere hour or so could sustain such that I'd submit the great Fonda likely couldn't have accomplished what Roger Smith did in that regard. I get irritated at those who say the show was canceled just due to "lack of an audience" when, as I understand it, it was rather due to NBC politics pleasing MGM (whose "Man from UNCLE" was a hot item at the time) by renewing MGM's "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" even though they'd already decided to renew WB's Mr. Roberts which choice they thus had to renege on and cancel it.For a long time people have looked for excuses to belittle strong men by calling them "bland" or "boring" or whatever absurd excuses they can invent with impunity due to the gullibility of most and this has certainly been the case with Roger Smith and his Doug Roberts character in our stupid deviancy-crazed, barbaric, hell-bound "culture" incapable of facing reality, hence the unreal "reality" tv of by and for mindless infantile perverts. There was of course a good deal of that in Mr. Roberts as was par for its time, but Mr. Roberts will always be an indescribably profound model hero, as also seen in Robert Hays's wonderful 1984 rendition, similar in demeanor to his wonderful fatherly "Starman" character so superior to the movie's that I suspect was due to being a dad himself more than acting, as with Roger Smith and his similar loveable family foundation so unkown and ironically despised today when we need him most. What a guy, and Ann Margaret would give resounding approval of that assessment after 45 wonderful years together goin' for the gold.