Roger Waters





9/9/1943 , Great Bookham, Surrey, England U.K.

Birth Name




Roger Waters was born on September 6th 1943 in Great Bokham, Surrey, but grew up in Cambridge. Only 5 months after he was born his farther Eric Fletcher Waters died in combat during World War II in Anzio. He would later allude to the death of his farther throughout his music. As a boy Roger Waters attended the Morley Memorial Junior School, the place where he first met future Pink Floyd Guitarist Syd Barret. Another future Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour lived on the same road. He later met future Pink Floyd members Nick Mason and Richard Wright the University of Westminster. In 1965 Roger Waters, age 22, co-founded Pink Floyd with Syd Barret, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason. 2 years later Pink Floyd released there debut LP The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The album was a critical and minor commercial success and positioned the band for future stardom. After Syd Barret left the band Roger Waters became the bands unofficial leader. Eventually Roger became the main lyrical contributor for Pink Floyd and mainly wrote many successful albums including Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall, and Wish You Were Here. During the recording of The Wall he fired Richard Wright from the band, although he later played at The Wall live performances. In 1983 Pink Floyd released there final album with Roger Waters, The Final Cut. After growing tension of the band Roger Waters left Pink Floyd and declared the band a spent force. Although Pink Floyd, led by David Gilmour later released 4 more albums. After leaving Pink Floyd Roger Waters did solo albums, and movie soundtracks. They sold decently and were mostly critically acclaimed. In 1990 he staged a live performance of The Wall to commemorate the destroying of The Berlin Wall. It had many special guests including The Band, Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper, Van Morrison, The Scorpions, and Joni Mitchell. 9 year later Waters embarked on the In The Flesh tour, performing many of his solo songs along with some Pink Floyd songs. In 2005 he reunited with Pink Floyd for a one-off performance at the Live 8 Concert. Since then he has been working on a new solo album and in 2007 embarked on another tour.