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Rolly Weaver



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Roy Holland Weaver IV


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  • Rolly

    Rolly Weaver is one of the hottest guys on the Amazing Race!! I also feel bad for him though because of his father dying about a year ago so i think its amazing that he is doing it for his father.I also think that he did really well for the plane flying during the last episode.
  • Rolly Weaver is my favorite contestant on this show ever! We are alike in many ways. We both are athletic, good-looking and we have the same attitude. I would make a visit down to Ormond Beach just to meet Rolly!moreless

    In the first episode of The Amazing Race 8 the camera wasn't on Rolly as much as the rest of the contestants. At first I thought of him as a little shy like myself. In the challenges in this episode, he showed off his excellent skills which I really like! In the second episode he was on the camera more and I got even more attached to him because we act exactly the same! In this episode he showed off some of his speed in challenges which is a good strength to have. This lead him and his team to a first place finish! In the third episode Rolly wasn't shown as much as his family. Rolly and one of his sisters went in the spinning rocket thing and looked like he had a blast (I would if I had the chance). In the fourth episode he was shown a little more. I was really proud of him and his family for overcoming their fear of going on a race track. I know how hard it can be for having a loss in your family and then going or doing something that that person loved to do. I've had an experience like that but it wasn't even close to as bad that Rolly and his family's was. Rolly and his family then left the mobile home park at 8:00 am (latest time because no one helped them). This lead them to a solid 5th place finish. In the fifth episode (most recent episode) Rolly was amazing! In the bird watching challenge in the detour he found many birds! He also stepped up in the baseball road block after not playing for 8 years! (funny thing is, I haven't played baseball in 8 years either!) He did a great job in that road block after how rude the Linz family was to him. This lead him and his family to a 2nd place finish and back in front of the pack!moreless