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  • Great in all she does.

    Great actress. Underated.
  • Roma Maffia is a wonderful actress with great depth and versatility

    It seems that I've been watching this actress in one show/movie or another for about 20 years now. I've watched her evolve from playing small bit parts to fully fleshed characters and roles. I've always been impressed by the chops she displays, often outshining her higher-billed co-stars (her turn in the TV show, Profiler comes to mind, off the top of my head). She shows great skill for dramatic presentations as well as good comedic timing. I've seen her play a variety of ethnicities very convincingly, and her most recent role on TV's Nip/Tuck, has her portraying Liz Cruz, a Latin American lesbian doctor.

    Her performances always seem to resonate with me. One of her more poignant roles was in a little seen scifi anthology, 'Welcome to Paradox', wherein she played the wife of a scientist on a mission to make a better human being, acting as his own guinea pig. That shown was viewed only once, yet still it evokes sadness, just from the memory of her extraordinary performance. She is very dynamic and has great onscreen chemistry; I look forward to the opportunities to watch her perform.
  • Roma is Hot!

    I'm writing a review of Roma Maffia with seeing "Nick/Tuck." The reason is that my private cable compay couldn't carry F/X. So with the information and a few pictures to go on, I don't need a television show to write a review. sho I write my review from my heart and the few pictures in my possession. I happen to love roma Maffia, atalented and sexy woman. she plays a lesbian on the show. I hope to get the F/X network so I can see her in action. in the pictures, she looks gorgous. I'm in love with her. What a good looking woman.