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Ron Eldard

Ron Eldard


2/20/1965, Long Island, New York, USA

Birth Name

Ronald Jason Eldard


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Born Ronald J. Eldard in Long Island, New York, on the 20th February 1965, the second youngest of SEVEN children. Tragedy befell the family when his mother, a housewife, passed away while Ron was 3 years old. He and his siblings were sent to live with various relatives…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ron Eldard made his movie debut in Nancy Savoca's True Love.

    • Ron Eldard is 5'10" tall.

    • Ron Eldard has frequently acted in the theatre, with two notable occasions being the Tony Award winning production of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, where he played the role of Biff Loman, and Neil LaBute's Bash: Latterday Plays in which he starred alongside Calista Flockhart.

    • Ron Eldard is a member of the Buddhist faith.

    • Ron Eldard starred in the 1991 movie Drop Dead Fred alongside Rik Mayall and the 1998 movie Deep Impact starring Robert Duvall.

    • Ron Eldard dated Julianna Margulies from 1991 to 2003, they met while filming ER.

    • Ron Eldard is a former Golden Gloves boxer and is now actively interested in jiu jitsu.

    • Ron graduated from the New York High School for Performing Arts.

    • In the 2002 movie Phone Booth Ron Eldard was the original voice of the caller, but was later replaced by Keifer Sutherland during re-shoots.

    • Ron Eldard was named one of the top 10 performers in 1999 by Entertainment Weekly. In that same year Ron Eldard was also elected as 1 of the 25 performers of the 'Stars of the New Millenium' by members of the Talkin' Broadway All That Chat forum.

    • Ron Eldard was able to bench press 312lbs when he was in High School.

    • Ron Eldard is the second youngest of seven children. He has four sisters; Laurie, Linda, Lana and Lisa. He has two brothers; Roger and Raymond.

    • Ron Eldard's mother died when he was young and he and his six siblings grew up with various relatives.

    • Ron is friends with actor David Duchovny.

  • Quotes

    • Ron Eldard: My high school years I was working probably 30 hours a week. I'd work all weekends, three or four nights a week. I got home at 4 and worked till 11. That was fine. I spent my time acting.

    • Ron Eldard: Men are freaks. We really are. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

    • Ron Eldard: (About auditioning for Fame and Fortune) You have to think you'll be one of the ones who makes it.

    • Ron Eldard: I can play really terrible human beings, and I seem to have a quality that people can, if not necessarily forgive me those sins, at least cut me some slack.

    • Ron Eldard: I feel blessed that I am able to play really dark guys in a business where they usually want you to play the same character over and over. Poor Michael Rapaport will being playing white homeboys till the day he dies. That's not the kind of career I want.

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