Ron Glass

Ron Glass


7/10/1945, Evansville, Indiana (USA)

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Ronald Glass


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Grew up in Evansville, Indiana. Attended High School at St. Francis Seminary, where his nickname was "Big G". He graduated from high school in 1964. He then attended the University of Evansville where he had a double major and received a BA degree in Drama and Literature. After…more


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  • We had a connection...

    I was on Hollywood Squares from July 29th through August 1st, 1979 and Ron Glass and I connected from the moment I sat down as Mr. X. With mainly his help, I won over $65,000, in 2012 dollars, in cash and prizes thanks to Ron. He came down after my last show finished taping (8/1/79) and we talked about how weird the connection was and that we both felt it, making eye contact. The rest is history ...moreless
  • Actor that was in 2 of the best tv shows of all time. Firefly and Barney Miller. A gem of American television.

    A great supporting actor. Played role as Det Harris and Shepherd Book which shows his range. When you look at great teams they have alot of the same players. This is why their so good. Ron glass has made his mark not once but twice. Probably the best show of 2000 decade Firefly and Barney Miller other than Rockford files the best show of the 1970s. A great performer with style, flair, and quiet presence. I would like that he didn't get killed in the movie Serenity. But scifi everyone can be brought back.moreless