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Ron Hauge is a comedy writer and cartoonist. His career began in the early 1990, he wrote for two variety comedy programs, "In Living Colour" and "The Carol Burnett Show(1991)." After this he went on to write for the Nickelodeon program, "Rocko's Modern Life," and shortly after, he…more


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  • Ron Hauge is my favourite Simpsons writer.

    The guy has shown talent working on shows such as Seinfeld, Rocko's Modern Life and The Simpsons, with his work on Rocko being with a lot of other people, i enjoyed watching his episodes, even despite the fact i'm not that big a fan of that show. His work on Seinfeld is wonderful, both his episodes are in my top fifteen and many other fans of the sitcom also love them. And his scripts on The Simpsons are wonderful, three of the episodes being in my top twenty and the other four, also being loved by me. He is a great cartoonist and writer and I look forward to more scripts coming from him, as he is now co-executive producer on the show. Good work, Ron.moreless