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Ron Korb is a world renowned flute virtuoso, composer and international recording artist with 10 internationally released solo CDs and a DVD. He has been traveling for years collecting and studying indigenous woodwinds from Japan, China, Indonesia, Cambodia and Ireland. Ron's music is steeped in the diverse cultural…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ron Korb was recently featured on Olivia Newton John's latest CD release "Grace and Gratitude"

    • On Thursday, January 26th, 2006, at the sold out gala reception, dinner and official opening of the Royal Ontario Museum's Prince Takamado Gallery, Ron Korb gave a spectacular performance of the original musical tribute that he had been commissioned to compose in honour of His Imperial Highness, the late Prince Takamado of Japan (1954 – 2002).

      After his performance, Her Imperial Highness, Princess Hisako Takamado of Japan, in whose honour the gala was held, invited Ron Korb to join her and the other dignitaries at her table for tea and dessert.

      Also in attendance were the Japanese Ambassador to Canada and his wife (Mr. Sadaaki Numata and Mrs. Kyoko Numata) and the Consul General of Japan in Toronto, his wife (Mr. Hisao Yamaguchi and Mrs. Chieko Yamaguchi). and executives from a number of Japanese and Canadian corporations.

    • You will hear Ron Korb playing the flute on the soundtrack of The White Countess, the soon to be released Merchant Ivory Production.

    • Ron Korb has composed original material including gold and double platinum songs for a number of Asian pop stars including Alan Tam, Stephanie Lai, Yvonne Lau, Roman Tam. More recently he produced a jazz album for singer Patricia Chan release on EMI (SE Asia).

    • Ron Korb plays a wide array of flutes from around the world as well as Concert Flute and Bass Flute.

    • During her 2005 summer concert, Ron Korb performed at Toronto's Harbourfront with Chinese singing sensation Dadawa (Zhu Zhe Qin).

    • On June 5, 2005, Ron Korb performed with the Lord of the Rings Symphony at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall. He played various Chinese flutes.

    • Ron Korb has travelled to 5 continents and over 25 countries.

    • Ron Korb is about to release "Seasons", a Christmas CD which he recorded with Donald Quan on Boxing Day in 2004.

    • Ron Korb speaks English, French and Japanese fluently.

    • Ron Korb appeared as a Noh Flute Player in the critically acclaimed Robert LePage film Nô. His photo is one of the ones in the fan on the video and DVD covers.

    • Ron Korb has just completed his 2005 Asian tour which took him to Japan, Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan. He gave a number of interviews on TV and radio and for magazines.

    • You can hear Ron Korb playing the flute hundreds of times a day, every time a station on the CTV network shows the CTV identification logo.

  • Quotes

  • If you have watched “Mutant X”, “Relic Hunter” and “Blue Murder” on TV or seen the movies “Saint Ralph”, “Whiskey Echo” and “Return to Kandahar”, you are familiar with the work of Ron Korb. This talented artist has performed on soundtracks for over 50 motmoreless

    Ron Korb is an internationally acclaimed flute virtuoso with a reputation for playing with great sensitivity and feeling. Whether a score involves a gentle and soothing melody or a selection that is energetic, full and robust, Ron chooses the perfect instrument from his collection of 118 flutes to create the right sound for each production. On various soundtracks, you can hear Ron Korb playing a range of instruments including the bass flute, the silver flute and world music instruments such as Celtic whistles, the Bansuri from India, the Ba Wu and Di Tzu from China and the Ryuteki and Shinobue from Japan. His work represents a variety of genres including classical music on “Being Julia”, Celtic music on Road to Avonlea and Chinese improvisations on the soon to be released Merchant Ivory Production, “The White Countess”.

    Ron Korb played on the soundtracks for “Emily of New Moon” and the entire first season of “The Road to Avonlea”. On “Earth Final Conflict”, you can hear his work on over 25 episodes and the music that accompanies the opening and closing credits. His work can also be heard on documentaries and docu-drama’s including “The Nature of Things with David Suzuki”, “Turning Points in History” on History TV and “Sacrifice at Pearl Harbour”.

    You can also hear Ron Korb’s original compositions on a number of television programmes. “Flute Traveller”, was used on the "My Boyfriend's an Axe Murderer?" episode of “Wild Card”. On the “Heroes – Part 1” episode of “Blue Murder”, you can hear “Tribal Lament” from his “Celtic Heartland” CD. In Japan, “Fields of Home” from Ron Korb’s “Behind the Mask” CD is the theme for the popular “TV Champion”.

    One of Ron’s interesting TV projects involved acting as a creative consultant and giving Willie Garson beginner flute lessons. In fact, for all close-ups, it is Ron Korb who is actually playing the flute as Mr. Garson’s double on an episode of Wild Card.

    He has played for the rich and famous including Queen Elizabeth II, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Gabriel, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Listen closely. Soon, Ron Korb will be coming to your TV screen or a theatre near you.