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  • An extremely charming and handsome actor!

    I agree with bojanj except to say that Ron Lea does have perfect looks. I hope he is reading this and I hope he is really as nice in person as Del Sutton.
  • An extremely charming and interesting actor who is, unfortunately, not as famous as he should be.

    It is not until you see at least one episode of the series "Wind at My Back" that you can realize how a person (actor) can be charming despite not having perfect looks. After hearing one line he pronounced Iwanted to know more about him. Just watching him, I saw that he was incredibly charming, appealing, and, why not, hot. He really caught my attention by his behaviour, which is, in lack of a better expression, somewhat dandy. The way he behaves is familiar to you if you know how George Clooney behaves. They're pretty much the same, but George is , of course, more handsome and popular. So, if you like what I wrote about him, you should check out his work, since he is really something to feast your eyes on.