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Ron Livingston

Ron Livingston


6/5/1968, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Birth Name

Ron Joseph Livingston


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Ron Livingston is an American film and television actor. He is perhaps best known for his lead role as a disaffected corporate employee in the cult classic Office Space. More recently, he starred in HBO's Band of Brothers as Captain Lewis Nixon. He also appeared as Jack Berger,…more


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    Ron Livingston is a decent American actor, who really made his big break in "Office Space," one of the best comedies of the modern day. He seems like such a normal guy, one that was a buddy of yours growing up who just happened to make it big in Hollywood, but he'd still come back home and hang out and watch a ball game.
  • Not only an amazing actor but hot as well.

    Ron Livingston, is an amazing actor, although I haven't seen all of Office Space, what I did watch I thought was good. Especially the parts with Ron...he just brings something extra to the characters he plays. I have been watching Standoff, and think he is absolutely amazing, no one else could fill his shoes as Matt Flannery. His Chemistry with Rosemarie is off the walls. Not to mention the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous. I have only seen Standoff and Little Black Book, fully, but I've loved what I've seen so far. I hope to see more great work come from himmoreless