Ron Pederson





1/8/1977 , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Birth Name

Ronald Pederson




ron was born in edmonton alberta canada in 1978 and joined the vibrant endmonton theatre scene at the age of eight. ron studied acting at the citadel theatre school from 1987 until 1991 at which time he was discovered by renowned playwrite stewart lemoine forging a famos artistic relationship. through out the ninties ron worked with every major theatre company in edmonton and extensivly on the new works of stewart lemoine. rons range as an actor/singer and dancer led ron to a plethora of diferent projects. from staring in large scale musicals to small experimental works ron became widly known as one of edmontons most versitile and saught after perfromers working with such ilustrious canadian directors as robin phillips, duncan macintosh, ron jenkins, david storch and bob baker.

along the way ron was nominated for 6 elizabeth sterling haynse awards, two for best supporting actor ( duex durang in 1998,the beauty queen of lenanne in 2002), two for best actor (burt in 1994, little shop of horrors in 2000) a nomination for outsanding performance for young audiences (dunk! in 1996) and as well a nomination for outstanding musical score for his copositional work on chris craddock's play 'the critic" in 2000. ron finaly won for his acclaimed performance in the citadel theater's production of "the beauty queen of lenanne. from stephen sondheim's "into the woods" to playing romeo is romeo and juliet ron's inventivness and style gave edmonton audiences outstandin performances for over a decade.

in 1995 at the invitation of second city legand dana
andersen ron joined the cast of the legendary compleatly live improvised soap opera "die-nasty" whith whom he peformed every monday night for eight years.
it was with "die-nast "wher ron honed his improv skills with it's crack team cast and such guest stars as mark mckinney, mike myers, and joe flaherty. it was m.r flaherty who invited ron to participate in the los angeles
improvised soap oper "the soap also rises" in 2002, where he perfrormed with such genius' of comedy as fred willard, kathrine o'hara and martin short. 'the soap also rises" is also where madtv discoverd ron.

in the fall of 2002 ron joined the cast of madtv and has become a favorite regular on the program. again showcasing his versitility. ron has also kept his theatrical roots by returning to edmonton on his hiatus'
to perform with teatro la quindicina on the plays of stewart lemoine.