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  • The Keystone Constables

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    S 8 : Ep 9 - 12/8/14

    The investigation into the murder of a vaudeville comedian sends Crabtree and Higgins undercover to question other performers, among them W.C. Fields.

  • Sabotage, Part One

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    S 12 : Ep 17 - 8/13/12

    Clare is frustrated when she cannot get any proof of what Asher did to her, and after confiding in Dallas while drunk, he tries to kiss her. Pushed over the edge, Clare writes an article accusing the hockey team of destroying the garden, and drinking at school. Drew feels disconnected to Bianca, and tries to prove he isn't a loser, but Bianca just wants him back at school. Dave, Tristan, and Tori compete for a guest spot on West Drive.

  • Episode #1413

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    S 14 : Ep 13 - 3/21/09

    Show Open: Kathy Griffin Dr. Phil: On Today's Show: #806 Coldplay Video: #905 House Call: #1101 Mofaz: The Prom: #924 Kathy talks about Michael's dark side. Sean Gidcomb: Supply Closet: #1007 Head of the Family: #412 Kathy talks about Stuart. Stuart Next Door: #914 Moment of Truth: #1314 Michael returns to the MADtv stage for the first time since leaving. Michael tells the audience that the creation of Stuart was inspired by his former career of being a kindergarten teacher. Kathy asks how Michael felt to be canned from the show after 10 seasons for being "difficult". Michael and Kathy thank everyone for watching the show.moreless
  • Episode #1409

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    S 14 : Ep 9 - 12/14/08

    Show Open: Connie Chung hosts MADtv's Christmas show, and is also there to have a fireside chat/interview with president elect Barack Obama as they showcase the best of MADtv's previous Christmas sketches. Ambercrombie in Black and White: #1009 The Reinfather: #209 Tickle me Emo: #1209 Rooftop Memories: #511 Connie Chung & Barrack Obama Interview #1. Stuart: Mall Santa: #1109 Maury and Connie's All-Star Christmas Spectacular #1: #1209 Connie Chung & Barrack Obama Interview #2. Frosty the Snowman: #1209 April's Christmas #1: #810 Saw 4: Jingle Hell: #1209 Show Close: Barrack Obama with nude Connie Chung.moreless