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  • This guy is a fantastic actor. He really makes you believe in his character to the point where he honestly seems real. Few actors today can do that. Not to mention, the role of Clay Morrow was perfect for Perlman. He really shows his acting chops here.


    Ron Perlman may be one of the most talented and lesser sung actors of this generation. He literally creates his characters when he is on the screen. He is versatile and honest in his performances and in the right roles he is nothing short of incredible. After watching the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, I am convinced that he got the right role as Clay Morrow. I loved to hate that guy and at the same time I almost felt like I understood (didn't agree with, but understood) why felt the way he did. Ron made him human.

  • Ron Perlman Has The Worlds Most Sexy Voice

    Ron Perlman Has The Worlds Most Sexy Voice , I watched him on beauty and the beast when I was just a kid and I would close my eyes and even though he was a beast I would have married him in a new york minute even today I think hes got the most sexy voice I have ever heard , and coming from a person who must see at least 2000 people a day thats saying something .... I would love it if Ron would do some book readings ..... he really does have a great talent on top of a to die for voice !!
  • Both his voice, and his acting ability is really superb.

    Both his voice, and his acting ability is really superb. He was the only good thing in the otherwise terrible Alien 4 and Blade 2 movies, he maded two among my fav. comics characters: Hellboy, and Slade (also known as Deathstroke) come to life perfectly. Sadly Ron Perlman is a very underused and underrated actor. His imposing appearence is ideal for playing "badguys", but he surely has the talent to play almost every role at least i think so. He simply hasn't got a chance to prove... I hope this situation will change. Until then I'm anxiously waiting for Hellboy 2...
  • As I heard and read in some of his interviews,he is satisfied not a to be a bigger star.So he can avoid being well-known and to be recognize in public.This is why he has always accepted some roles in which he had make-up in his face.He doesn't need fame

    In his career,he has often played roles in which he a mask in his face like in "The Quest for fire","Beauty and the Beast",Hellboy,etc..He also make some off-screen voices in cartoons and videogames.He has almost always played some "underground" characters so this is why he has not become a real big star.I consider him as an under-rated actor whose talent,particularly dramatic talent,woild have deserved to be much more recognized.But it seems he really doesn't care about fame.All what he wants is to make his job as an actor,he can earn his living this way.And he doesn't need more than that.Besides,it seems in his whole career he has never been in a shortage of work.And this is great for us his fans.
  • He says what he does isn't surgery,but his ability to inhabit a role is rare.Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise,you never forget it's them. With Ron,he IS the character,a 3D being with heart,soul & mind. One of the few who makes you fall in love with who he becomes.

    Ron Perlman is in rare company in that he truly becomes the character. He is not just acting, he is bringing someone to life. Watching most actors is, of course, entertaining, but to watch someone like Ron Perlman, is to get lost, caught up in the world he creates. He may not be saving a life a day like a heart surgeon, but he does something else. He touches hearts with his abilities and talent. He may bring a glimmer of hope to someone alone, a piece of bravery to someone afraid, a smile to someone in need of one, just by BEING who he is, and that comes through every character he
    inhabits, HIS heart and soul. He says he doesn't care about his career anymore and that is sad to hear. To think of never being allowed to experience what he has in him to give is disheartening. I hope he continues for a long time
    to come. To waste even a drop of his talent would be a terrible waste. He may believe that acting is a frivolous
    pursuit,and not truly making a difference in the world in a real way, but to anyone with a heart that is lucky enough to experience his art, he makes a lion sized difference. I have not been fortunate enough to have seen everything that he has graced by being in, but it will be a goal of mine to make sure that I do get to experience them all, and all of those to hopefully come.
  • Ron Perlman first stole my heart more than twenty years ago when he played the role of "Vincent" in Beauty and the Beast. I knew then that he was someone special, with the kind of heart and talent that only comes along once in a great while.

    As someone here so aptly stated, Ron doesn't just play a role. He inhabits it; he becomes that character, and he makes you believe in him. He pours all of his heart and soul into everything he does, and it shows in the tremendous quality of his work, regardless of the quality of the project. In Sons of Anarchy, he is brilliantly brutal and ruthless as Clay. In no uncertain terms, he is the leader of Samcro and he will not back down, he will not stand betrayal, and he absolutely will not stop when it comes to getting what he wants done for the Club. Ron plays him to such perfection that it almost scares me, since I know that there is a good heart within him, which Clay so sorely lacks. As always, I stand in awe of Ron's talent, and I expect I will continue to adore him for at least another twenty years.
  • Ron Perlman has got to be one of the greatest voice actors. Ever.

    I confess that I have only seen Ron Perlman in one TV show. I have seen him as Slade in Teen Titans. As Slade, he just has to be one of the coolest villains of all time. Slade himself is already awesome. But he would be nowhere near as good without Ron Perlman voicing him.

    Perlman is perfect as Slade, conveying the emotionless evil of Slade. In some episodes, Slade shows emotion. Perlman also pulls this off very well, keeping the voice tinged with evil as he actually shows feelings. His dark and deep voice captures the essence of Slade. Sometimes Perlman is very mysterious as Slade. Other times, he is yelling at the top of his lungs. He also does particularly well with the action scenes, pulling off great sound effects for his many battles that he has.

    Perlman is definitely one of the best voice actors ever. I end the review with his best line in Teen Titans.

    "On the contrary, Robin. This is only the beginning."
  • I don't know about all of his works, but from what I know him from, he is a very original and talented voice-actor.

    Ron Perlman is Slade from Teen Titans' voice actor, from what I know about him. He has a great voice and makes Slade sound so mysterious, just like Slade should sound. He is very original, IMO, and I'm glad that Slade was brought back in season 4 of Teen Titans. Overall, a talented, original voice actor with a great voice.
  • Brilliant but under-rated

    One of the most talented actors of his generation, Ron has only come into the fore in his fifties, starring in Guillermo del Toro's smash hit comic book adaptation HELLBOY (2004). Better known for his work under prosthetics, he has nevertheless had a wide and varied career as 'himself', lending his presence and talent to well over 80 films and many TV appearances. He has lately become a top name in animation and video-game voice work, but it is as a screen actor that he shows his true talent. Big, larger-than-life, he lends his velvet-rough voice and incredible presence to both blockbuster movies and Indie films. He has a particular passion for independent film-making, and was instrumental in the success of TWO SOLDIERS, Aaron Schneider's Oscar-winning short of 2003. He not only acted in the film, but mentored Schneider's adaptation of the Faulkner short story into a stunning script. He is now stepping behind the camera soon to sirect his first feature film, WOODEN LAKE.
  • Though I'm not familar with all of his work, I still consider him talented.

    I'm a new fan on Ron Perlman. I don't follow his wrok as closely as I do my other favorites, but I consider him very talented.

    He provides the voice of Slade for Teen Titans. All I can say about it is wow. Slade has always been one of my favorite comic book antagonist, and Ron does a fantastic job potraying him. For the most part, he does a great job with Slade's monotonee-like voice. When the time comes, he uses emotion extremely well. Various scenes, Slade tends to be extremely cold, and Ron does a great job with this.

    The other voice of Ron's I'm most familiar with is Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom. I was shocked when I realized he voiced Mr. Lancer. For the most part, Lancer is the complete opposite of Slade. Lancer is like every other old person, he just doesn't understand. I like how he potrays Mr. Lancer though. Though it isn't nearly as good as Slade, ROn does a great job VAing for Lancer.

    Ron can use some improvement, but he's proven to be one of the best voice actors today.
  • Ron Perlman has got the voice to do SLade well in Teen Titans!

    Ron Perlman is now currently 55 years old. He is a great voice actor who has a great voice. He is one of my favourite voice actors but I think he is an original voice actor. Whenever he voices Slade, I am so jealous because I think his voice is quite good as Slade. The role for him fits perfectly. However, I dislike his role as Mr. Lancer in Danny Phantom because it doesn't sound like Slade and the voice is not-so-charming.

    I really hope Ron Perlman will voice in some movies as the villianous characters because I think those types of roles will fit his voice perfectly.
  • He's just got skills.

    Rod has been Lord Hood in Halo 2,one of my favorite videogames,and he is Slade in Teen Titans,one of my favorite shows,Rod does a TRAMENDOUSLY good job as Slade.

    I think he has has done a voice for Danny Phsntom too.

    He looks almost EXCACTLY like Lord Hood,the character he voiced in Halo 2.

    That will be all.