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  • Ron Raines is a gifted actor and vocalist. Ron is probably best known to fans of the CBS soap opera Guiding Light for the portrayal of Alan Spaulding, GL\'s patriarch...and the man is talented!

    Ron Raines the actor is nothing like the character he plays on Guiding Light. While Alan is known for being a no non-sense business man who thrives on power and revenge, Ron is a down to Earth gentleman who appreciates his fans and is dedicated to his family. His performances are top notch day in and day out. His character can turn on a dime, and while it is very easy to dislike Alan, you can\'t help but see the man underneath it all who just wants to be loved. Ron brings the character to life and gives him depth.

    Ron the vocalist is equally gifted. His rich baritone voice brings the music of Broadway to life. His albums, So in Love with Broadway, and Broadway Passion are both must haves for any Ron Raines or Broadway music fan. Ron has also been featured in recordings of Man of La Mancha, The Pajama Game, and Annie.