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    • Ron: Acting is acting, but soaps and theater are two different mediums, and [Guiding Light] is a tremendous challenge. There is a craft to soaps; the rules are different, the process is different. Coming in, I was like a fish on land, if you will. I felt very much like an apprentice.

    • Ron: (when asked the types of music he prefers) Lots of opera and musicals, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett. It's great music, period.

    • Ron: People always say, 'You're so much younger!' And I say, 'No, no. Ron's energy is younger; Alan's energy is heavier and darker.' It just goes to show you that your whole attitude and energy can age you!

    • Ron: (on "Guiding Light") I remember when I first go on the show, you start talking to people and they tell you what a pivotal character you are - you know everyone, and everyone knows you. Of course you don't know any of these people and you come in, and you get this, 'Everybody hates me! Everybody, right!' So that was a little shock!

    • Ron: Soaps are so much a part of the American fabric. They're like apple pie and mom! They've been there for so long, and other trends have come and gone. So there's a lot of positiveness there.

    • Ron: The theater is more physical [than soap acting]. It's a different energy, but they are both tiring in their own way. That's why you really have to keep yourself in decent shape. I just recently joined a gym, so I can say that!

    • Ron: I've worked with Debbie Reynolds, Julie Prowse, Cleo Laine. I always loved being the leading man to the star leading lady, because I know how to do that well. I let her do all the hard work, and I just make her look good, seem pretty, act and then go home. It's less pressure. And they're all great ladies, too.

    • Ron: (on the long history of "Guiding Light") I love the show. I'm a big history buff, and I love the history it represents. I've made a lot of very dear friends, on camera and off camera.

    • Ron: (on Alan's being in a coma for a month) It's the best job in New York City! I show up, get into my pajamas, and go to sleep.