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    One of the best television villians of all time. I have never seen a person able to get in front of a camera and deliver a strong monolouge like Ron Rifkin can. He makes u look at his character and he makes us make a connection with him. My favorite Alias episode with Ron Rifkin in it has to be "In Dreams..." because it just showed how he was able to get into everyones hearts. I almost cried during that episode when he was in the dream state, which says a lot about the way he was able to portray his character. I wish his character would have stayed bad throughout the entire thing, but thats a pick at the wrtiers and not a pick at him directly. I think he is one of the best television villains of all time and I dont think I could see him playing a better role in the future then the role he played in Alias - hes the greatest Alias character of all time (other then sark. xDDD )
  • Portrayed the best villain on TV: Arvin Sloane.

    Ron Rifkin is one of the greatest actors you can ever see. His portrayal of Arvin Sloane is absolutely wonderful.

    He manages to make you hate the character yet feel symphaty towards him at the same time. Most of the times, one look at Rifkin's eyes can say more than 100 lines from a different actor. He showed mercy to nobody, except for a couple of people who were ready to kill him anytime, which is an incredibly complex relationship to act. He was perfectly cast, simply put. Alias season 2 was his absolutely best season.

    It's kinda funny that while he was the ultimate villain, for the most of the show, he was a "good guy".

    He's definitely one of the main reasons I loved Alias. And I'm glad to see that his career didn't end with Alias, but it carries on.
  • Ron Rifkin is fabulous as Sloane on Alias. He's a really great actor, and perfectly cast.

    Alias is one of my favorite shows, and Ron Rifkin is one of the reasons for that. He's so sickeningly evil. I was so caught of guard when I actually felt sympathy for Sloan when he lost his wife Emily. One thing that I'm not so sure of... it seems like he might wear contacts or something on Alias? His eyes often look totally black, making him have a creepy, evil look.