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    One of the best television villians of all time. I have never seen a person able to get in front of a camera and deliver a strong monolouge like Ron Rifkin can. He makes u look at his character and he makes us make a connection with him. My favorite Alias episode with Ron Rifkin in it has to be "In Dreams..." because it just showed how he was able to get into everyones hearts. I almost cried during that episode when he was in the dream state, which says a lot about the way he was able to portray his character. I wish his character would have stayed bad throughout the entire thing, but thats a pick at the wrtiers and not a pick at him directly. I think he is one of the best television villains of all time and I dont think I could see him playing a better role in the future then the role he played in Alias - hes the greatest Alias character of all time (other then sark. xDDD )