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    • Ron Santo: I've always loved this stadium, I'm going to miss it. I didn't like the turf, but the atmosphere was fabulous. You always felt like it was baseball here.

    • Ron Santo: Oh, they'll go back, absolutely. Absolutely. Hey, they didn't stop coming, and that's a big thing.

    • Ron Santo: I know getting inducted into the Hall of Fame had to be something, but that flag is going to be hanging there after everybody is gone.

    • Ron Santo: He's a Cub, there's no doubt about it. Not only is he a great ballplayer and a Hall of Famer, but he's a Chicago Cub.

    • Ron Santo: It's much more difficult to do now. The pitching is diluted and so more home runs are hit.

    • Ron Santo: Early in the season, we weren't getting guys on a lot in the top of the batting order. But Derrek was taking advantage of whatever he had. We've been doing better for him in that category in recent weeks.

    • Ron Santo: I thought this, in '66, when they built [cookie-cutter parks] in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Philadelphia, they were nowhere near this ballpark when those places were new. I didn't mind all three of them going. They were built more for football than baseball. This was a baseball park.

    • Ron Santo: I've always loved this stadium. I'm going to miss it.

    • Ron Santo: There are a lot of guys who are respected, but not liked.

    • Ron Santo: I'm surprised. I would not replace it. The only thing I would do to replace this is to change the broadcast booths. I wouldn't change anything else. I'm definitely going to miss this place.

    • Ron Santo: He'd be good anywhere, but I think he'd be real good for the Marlins with those young pitchers. Joe knows how to handle a staff, and the first thing he'll do is get himself a good pitching coach he knows and trusts.

    • Ron Santo: All 10 innings. I remember the box seats, there were people who left in the third inning. It was so hot, people were just passing out.

    • Ron Santo: When you walked on the field, you felt like playing baseball. The electricity, the atmosphere, and it was always good baseball. Because it was the Cardinals, you always moved to another level. I think both teams did that. And the fans are just like Cubs fans, very knowledgeable.