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    • Ron :(when asked if actors need formal training) A qualified "yes", not because I'm ambivalent about the question or reluctant to give you an answer, but because I honestly believe, having done this now almost 20 years, that every individual has a different approach. I've seen people with a tremendous amount of educational background in the field not turn out to be terribly good actors, and I've seen people with no education in the field turn out to be people that I admire quite a bit. There doesn't seem to be any systematic pattern, and there's certainly no data indicating that people turn out to be better actors with or without it. I can only speak for myself. From my own experience, training was invaluable. I had not grown up in a family that exposed me to a great deal of theatrical entertainment, mostly musical theatre. I didn't see any straight plays, or legit, as we called it. I had no desire from an early age to be on the stage. I'm very fond of adapting a Congreve quote: "He kind of dwindled into marriage." I kind of dwindled into acting. It was a process that evolved over time, and I was coming from academia. It made perfect sense that if you wanted to learn about acting, you read books, you went to the theatre, you got involved with people in the process, and you went to class. It was natural for me to go.