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    • Ron: (on founding the Creative Coalition) It came out of the [Michael] Dukakis campaign actually. There was a group of celebrities coming back from Queens after a Dukakis rally and on the bus we were talking Christine Lahti, Susan Sarandon and all sorts of other people. I was receiving literature from two groups on the West Coast the Hollywood Women's Political Committee and Show Coalition and I asked why there wasn't an industrywide network for political education in New York as well. There seemed to be a general frustration that celebrities are just used ornamentally, to raise funds and to put their names on invitations or attract crowds. We had a power whether we deserve to have that power or not was a very arguable proposition, but we did. So how could we use it responsibly? We just felt that adding our voices together and having an organization behind us would give us access to information and people and we could educate ourselves about the political process.