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Trivia and Quotes

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    • Ron created a creature for a Pokemon commercial by the name of Newt here's what Ron had to say: "Newt is one of several hand puppets available for rental. He was originally created for a Pokemon commercial. Hand and rod puppetry brought the character to life. This character shot on blue screen, digital special effects and rod removal were done in post."

    • Ron designed and created the prosthetic man on a hook for the feature film, Feast of all Saints.

    • On a Zantac commercial,Ron designed,created,and puppeteered the animatronic lobster.

    • Ron: Goosebumps 112 creatures over seventy-six episodes in a four year period. Always under serious financial and time restraints we always managed to produce appropriately fun and creepy creatures that wouldn't offend the censors of a kid show (never mind blood they wouldn't even let us use slime).

    • Ron had much to say about Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps:

      One of the more popular characters on Goosebumps, Slappy appeared in three episodes, and also hosted several spots on Fox Kids. Ron, as well as building Slappy, also puppeteered and provided the voice for this character.

    • Ron Stefaniuk worked as an animatronic puppeteer in the movie Bride Of Chucky.

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