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Ron Steward is an Australian movie reviewer who makes an odd, but regular appearance on the Australian television show, Rove Live. Ron was discovered by Rove McManus on his radio program, Rove Live Radio. His appearances on Rove Live are for a segment specially devoted to his movie reviews. The segment is called "Ron's Review", regularly appearing with Peter Helliar who reviews the films as well. He was seen at the 2004 Australian TV Week Logie Awards at Melbourne's Crown Casino with a modelling debut taking the stars backstage after their wins. Ron then went on to be a regular on Rove Live Radio on the Austereo Network. He has been involved in the film industry since the 1940s when he packed films and put them on the trains going out for Paramount Pictures. He retired in 1991, and 15 years later he is working again.
Steward was signed to Roving Enterprises in February 2005. Films he has reviewed are Eight Below (4 stars), Capote (3 stars), Munich (3.5 stars), Crash (3 stars), Good Night, and Good Luck (3 stars) and Brokeback Mountain (4.5 stars!)