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  • Mr. Ron Taylor, better known to Simpsons fans as the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy, and the voice of Audrey II in the original off-broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors

    A powerful actor and singer, heck, Ron managed to make Audrey II a memorable character back in 1982, and he was just using his voice, althought followed by Levi Stubbs and Michael Wooley, Ron is the man who first gave a singing man-eating plant bent on world domination it's voice, and he deserves credit for it,because all I hear about is how Levi Stubbs was the original Audrey II, well, he wasn't, he was the second person to play the character, and did a good job, but, every thing Stubbs does in the 1986 Little Shop movie follows the original blueprint of how to play the character set by Taylor