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12/18/1956 , Fritch, Texas

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For the last three and one half years Ron White has been performing with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy on "The Blue Collar Comedy Tour". The show has played to sold out audiences in over 90 cities and has grossed over $15 million dollars. The "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" was filmed as major motion picture by Warner Bros. and released in theaters March 2003 and on DVD June 2003.

"The gem of the group is Ron White…he's a natural storyteller with a wry observational skill." -- Rodney Ho THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION

"White's inspired comic mind finds a dozen sources of humor where the average comic would find only one or two, while making a fine art of the deadpan style." -- Robert Koehler DAILY VARIETY

When not performing with Blue Collar Ron is a regular headliner at comedy clubs and concert halls across the United States. He has performed on "An Evening at The Improv" and "Caroline's Comedy Hour". During his career Ron has performed with a number of acts as varied as Sam Kinison and George Jones. Ray-O-Vac and Georgia Pacific are some of the corporations Ron has performed for in the past year.

Ron appeared at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in 2001. Ron was voted "Best Act of the Friday Night Gala" by Anne Sutherland, he also scored "Best Joke" and "Artistic Impression" by Bill Brownstein, both of "The Gazette".

"Ron White - sheer genius. I'm coming back tomorrow night. I hope Ron White is too." George Balcan "The Gazette" Montreal

Having earned rave reviews in Montreal in 2001 Ron returned for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2002. The Hollywood Reporter noted Ron earned "strong reviews" for his performances in the "Masters Show" and "Nasty Show" where he was featured with the likes of Robert Schimmel and Dave Attell. Ron also appeared at the 2002 Chicago Comedy Festival.

Ron appeared on "Late Night With David Letterman" in October 2002 and he appeared as part of Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" which aired in December. Ron also taped his own half-hour stand up special for Comedy Central Presents which aired May 2003. In March Ron starred in and shot a pilot for the FOX Network titled "Senor White".

"White, employs witty descriptions and dips his toes into questionable subject matter that he shouldn't be able to pull off but does." – Robert W. Butler The Kansas City Star.
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