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  • Gonna go down in history.

    He's a redneck comedian. He's a Blue Collar comedian. He rocks! He's better than every other comedian out there. Nobody but Ron White (and Bill Engvall and sometimes Jeff Foxworthy) can make me laugh. It takes a funny guy (or gal) to make me laugh. All of my jokes come from him. He gives me the stuff to make my friends (and grandfather) laugh. He should definately have his own show. It would rock. The funniest stand up act he's done yet is "You Can't Fix Stupid," which contained mostly new material that wasn't used in "They Call Me Tater Salad."
  • Ron White is a great comic! There isn't too much more to say other than that...

    Ron White tells it like it is and it's hilarious. He can take things from everyday life and make you laugh at them, not just because they are funny - but because you can relate. Everyone has a family member who fits "that description" or someone who has gone through something "like that"...etc.

    I think that the best thing about him is that while he works new material into his show, he doesn't just forget about the old stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've heard his "Drunk in Public" but I laugh every single time. His new "You Can't Fix Stupid" is just as funny, and there are truths in things that he says...

    Would love to see his show in person...
  • Ron White is the most funniest comdian i have ever heard. My Sister-in-law and i would love to meet him in person. Shannon and I think he is great. Haven't heard anyone funnier than him.

    No One is funnier than Ron White. I would love to go see him live i have only seen him on T.V. but hey thats good enough for me until i can afford it. Shannon my sister in law says he just as great in person as he is on the television and i would never doubt that for a min. Shannon has just as good judgements as i do. all i know is that i give Ron White 2 Thumbs up and he should keep up the good work. Hopefully one day i could meet him in person and see his show live.
  • He's on the crude side, but I still like him.

    Ron White, the man gets crude during his comdey act, but I still think that he's a funny comic. I believe that it is that crudeness, and of course his stories and drinking work well to make his fans have a good humorous time during his stand up bit. But, what I think that Ron White is quite possibly known for (and why I like him so much) is his famous story about getting thrown out of a bar in New York City. I think that what makes this bit so funny is in his deliverance of the material, which is extremely helpful to make a comic so memorable to their fans. Along with that story of his, I also enjoy the way he talks about he ex-wife and her family, as well as his beloved bulldog Sluggo. As a fan of Ron, I hope that he stays in the comedy world for many years to come.
  • Ron White is Amazing!

    Ron White is my personal favorite comedian. I have one of his cds and catch him as often as possible on Comedy Central and the like. If you haven't checked him out, you should def. do so. He's original, he isn't afraid to say what he thinks regardless of what people think and on top of it all, he's FUNNY. no, not just funny, he's hilarious.