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    • Ron White: (When asked if he remembered the first time he made someone laugh) I remember the first time I ever made somebody laugh. I was like 4 years old, and I told a knock-knock joke that I didn't get -- but it killed. I mean, it brought the living room down. I'm sure, at that age, all I knew was they laughed, and it was fun to make people laugh. Now, the first time I ever got a big laugh in public, I was at a theater watching The Blue Lagoon, which was a movie with Brooke Shields and some blonde good-looking kid. There's a scene where they're laying together, they're about to screw for the first time. And he goes, "I feel something funny down there," and she goes "Me, too." And I said, "Me, too!" and got a big laugh in the theater. That was the first time I ever got a huge laugh in public out of just pure timing. And then the rest is history.