Ronald Howard





4/7/1918 , Norwood, England, UK



Birth Name




Before entering into acting, Ronald Howard, son of British actor Leslie Howard, worked as a journalist following college. After serving in the Royal Navy, he began his acting career, his official debut, "While The Sun Shines", in 1947. His greatest acting success came with the 1954-1955 series, "Sherlock Holmes", with Howard in the title role. His best years were the late forties and fifties. Sadly, his talent was largely unappreciated beyond that; his roles becoming more and more scarce,
while less interesting; even as his good looks and sonorous voice never left him. Those last few films made clear his waning popularity with casting directors, coupled with his growing discouragement.

In 1981, he wrote an excellent book on his father, focusing on his early death in 1943, at the hands of a German fighter pilot. ( "In search of my father. A portrait of Leslie Howard" London: St. Martin's Press, New York, 1981. ISBN 0-312-41161-8) In the back flap of the book the author wrote of himself: "...After twenty-five years of mixed fortunes in the acting profession, retired sensibly - though not without regrets - to an art gallery in West Dorset."