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  • One big sham after another and one of the more parodied and lampooned Presidents of our time next to George Bush.

    One big sham after another and one of the more parodied and lampooned Presidents of our time next to George Bush. Reagan wasn't a hero of any of that nonsense. Like many Presidents Reagan had his fair shame of disgrace and it's always hilarious to read the conservative media's view of him. They totally ignore to mention or report many of Reagan's failings and his more objectionable ones in order to sell propaganda about him.

    The Iraqi-Contra Fair-Reagan was involved in this but never took responsibility over it. Reagan much like the Bush of today liked to meddle in other countries which had no business with: Libya, Granada, Nicaragua, Salvador. During this time Central America was secretly being targeted by the U.S. , the CIA and Reagan for the same cold war type of nonsense that was so popular in the 50's. The U.S. during Reagan's term in 81 was actually condemned by the World Court for terrorism against Central America. Of course you'll never hear about this stuff publicly.. The fact that Reagan and the US ignored and supported human rights violations in many countries makes reference to him as being a hero laughable and sickening.

    It's almost fitting then for Reagan to be claiming ignorance to all of his crimes, gets Alzheimer's in the end.

    On the home front, it was a mix bag of policies that showed Reagan as would be optomist but at times a goon favoring the high class elites of Americas. He initiated the Dare Program which was great (although the Dare program has largely been ineffective now and programs is very dead). He cut welfare, yet also cut income taxes and gave subsidies to rich corporations.

    In the end, as much as the media would like to rewrite and ignore the real history of Reagan (something that you can research yourself through people like Noam Chomksky or read articles), Reagan wasn't a very decent President. While he did have a couple of success here and there, he has far more failures and that whole attack on Central America (and the U.S. being found guilty of Terrorism) is a living record of his biggest mistakes (along with Iran-Contra Affair).

    There's a great read called "Reagan the Overrated" by Mike Hersh which debunks all of the Reagan myths as well that is highly recommended reading. His passing didn’t mark the end of a hero, it marked the end of another corrupt, inept President.
  • I didn't even hear him talk but i knew he was one of the best.

    Ronald Reagan was a powerful influencer. It's a shame & didn't get to hear him talk, but i'm glad he did an excellent job as a president. It was a big big shame to see him die. He was one of the most loved presidents in office. At least he still lives on in out hearts.
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    Ronald Reagan was such a good actor and a great President. I find him as my childhood hero, I was little when he became president. But let me talk about his movie, since this is a movie site. I find alot of his movie enjoyable to watch. I just love his comdey movie 'Bedtime for Bonzo' and 'The Hasty Heart.' I think it's great that he made alot of movies, The memory live on with him in the movies and being the President. Now that he's gone, I can enjoy watching a young future President in the movies with many years to come.
  • Here's a History Lesson for ya all, and it's unjaded by those of the unknowing rant, to whom constantly give a misunderstood representation to a true leader of vision, of truth, and of heart... One of the last great Americans.....

    Now, for those of the educated persuasion, and of they to whom lived through the 1980’s with a somewhat adult understanding, meaning not those to whom the liberal Mumsy and Dah-Dah might have unjustly informed you about our dearly departed Ronald Wilson Reagan. This is the truth about a great man of our time that beat the Red Devil, and broke through the wall of berlin.

    First of all, NO, Hey,,it ain't gonna be that obvious when Beelzebub finds his way unto our conditions, meaning, as it turned out Ronnie was not the Anti-Christ, in that many thought with his 666 initials, he was pronounced by many as the Anti-Chris. Oh, and, neither was he the war mongering, finger on the button atomic doomsdayer that many feared! In fact there was far and few between in the way of major skirmishes, nothing like the two Bush Boys, and Bubba Clinton got us into with Iraq, and Afghanistan and the Balkans/Croatian/Serbia wars. So, we go unto now his economic structure, as he inherited an economy devastated by a president and congress that had no idea what to do during the escalating interest rates, unemployment, and inflation, all of which where in the double digits, all of which were 20% and above! The funny thing is, NO-ONE ever remembers that aspect of the equation left to us by the inept Jimmy Carter, who’s humanitarian virtues were admirable, but who’s understanding of national and world economics was non existent, and to whom continued to place foreign policy over domestic troubles, to include the botched rescue of our hostages being held captive in Iran for over 400 days, and to whom were subsequently released upon the day that Ronald was sworn in. The need for trickle down economics was obvious, due to the Union not having a pot to piss in, and who’s structure on little or no liquid assets with-in any major corporation left little to do, but give them what they needed to obtain the foot hold needed to HIRE the people truly needed to increase our GNP to extreme levels, those levels are still being felt today, and without that foundation, never would have come to be. Now, those of you that are so in the know, and so learned upon political ventures, scoff even today about the Star Wars Program…….Oh, it\'ll never work!….Or, we\'ll go broke financing it!!…..It\'s only gonna start a war!………… Oh my gawd, you all bust my sides with your idiotic refrains about the doom of Star Wars! LOL, Anyone of any smarts knew it wasn’t feasible to create a viable Star Wars Program, but Ronnie knew that the Soviets were at the brink of bankruptcy , and couldn’t feed it’s people due to them having to keep up with the Good Ole’ U.S.ofA. With his massive rally, and incredibly powerful speech to wit \"Mr. Gorbechov, Tear Down This Wall!\" where it was evident that with the advent of Star Wars, and the billions of NASA commitment dollars for research, and a successful launching of a Teflon bullet housed in a magnetic field, which flew across miles and miles in just seconds, to wit came to it’s target on time and dead center, blowing up with out explosives, one drone Titan ICBM that was coming up out of a silo! It worked, and without a hitch. There also were the reflecting of beams unto mirrors from space to the ground, and many other significantly successful tests. Now, just as most knew, Including Ronnie, we weren’t going to have anything substantial for years and years to come, but what they did know, including Ronnie, is, that the Soviet Union would have to keep up with us on this technology, just as they had with the nukes, or they would not be able to viably proclaim the ability to stand as a superpower, toe to toe with the U.S. of A! The gamble paid off, for as Ronald Wilson Reagan promised an end to the cold war in his lifetime, and not leave that horrible legacy to our children. So, all you doom mongers, and liberal UN-historians might wanna take a better and closer look into the truth about this man, and stop polluting our youth with the squandering lies and half truths into things that were more of your not understanding than the swill you fling in commentary. Once all the liberal poop-hammering blah-de-blah is done with, we will all have the facts, and the truths about this genius of a leader, to wit led us out of the Cold War, and to whom laid the foundations for the prosperous times soon there after, in which those corporations that had earlier been benefited, were now showing the rewards. His heart was pure to it’s cause, and it will be a far and few occasion that another will wear the shoes of such a great man as our beloved President Ronald Wilson Reagan, long will he lay with in our hearts, and God rest his champion’s soul!