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  • One big sham after another and one of the more parodied and lampooned Presidents of our time next to George Bush.

    One big sham after another and one of the more parodied and lampooned Presidents of our time next to George Bush. Reagan wasn't a hero of any of that nonsense. Like many Presidents Reagan had his fair shame of disgrace and it's always hilarious to read the conservative media's view of him. They totally ignore to mention or report many of Reagan's failings and his more objectionable ones in order to sell propaganda about him.

    The Iraqi-Contra Fair-Reagan was involved in this but never took responsibility over it. Reagan much like the Bush of today liked to meddle in other countries which had no business with: Libya, Granada, Nicaragua, Salvador. During this time Central America was secretly being targeted by the U.S. , the CIA and Reagan for the same cold war type of nonsense that was so popular in the 50's. The U.S. during Reagan's term in 81 was actually condemned by the World Court for terrorism against Central America. Of course you'll never hear about this stuff publicly.. The fact that Reagan and the US ignored and supported human rights violations in many countries makes reference to him as being a hero laughable and sickening.

    It's almost fitting then for Reagan to be claiming ignorance to all of his crimes, gets Alzheimer's in the end.

    On the home front, it was a mix bag of policies that showed Reagan as would be optomist but at times a goon favoring the high class elites of Americas. He initiated the Dare Program which was great (although the Dare program has largely been ineffective now and programs is very dead). He cut welfare, yet also cut income taxes and gave subsidies to rich corporations.

    In the end, as much as the media would like to rewrite and ignore the real history of Reagan (something that you can research yourself through people like Noam Chomksky or read articles), Reagan wasn't a very decent President. While he did have a couple of success here and there, he has far more failures and that whole attack on Central America (and the U.S. being found guilty of Terrorism) is a living record of his biggest mistakes (along with Iran-Contra Affair).

    There's a great read called "Reagan the Overrated" by Mike Hersh which debunks all of the Reagan myths as well that is highly recommended reading. His passing didn’t mark the end of a hero, it marked the end of another corrupt, inept President.