9/22/1976, Bento Ribeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Birth Name

Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima



Also Known As

Wonder Boy, Ronaldo, The Phenomenon^ (Portuguese: O Fenômeno, Spanish: El Fenómeno).
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Ronaldo, is a Brazilian professional footballer. He plays as a striker for Brazil and the Spanish club Real Madrid. He has been nicknamed "The Phenomenon" (Portuguese: O Fenmeno, Spanish: El Fenmeno). Ronaldo's speed, dribbling ability and goalscoring instincts have made him into what many believe to be one…more


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    • Ronaldo: No one should be doomed to a life of poverty, whether by birth or as a consequence of war.

    • Ronaldo: Right now I have a contract with Real Madrid and I'm only thinking about the World Cup, but without a doubt, the American market is one of my goals for the future. When given an offer for but turned down a ten-year, US $120 million contract from Red Bull New York of MLS in 2006.

    • Ronaldo: Being compared to one of the greatest players of all time is a sign that I work hard and with quality, but people tend to become obsessed with comparisons. Pele and I are very different; I am Ronaldo, I have my own characteristics.

    • Ronaldo on winning the 2002 World Cup.: My big victory, as I have said before, was to play football again, to run again and to score goals again. This conquest today, our fifth world title, has crowned my struggle, my recovery.

    • Ronaldo: People always say that problems make you stronger.

    • Ronaldo: (on his return to international soccer) What did people on the outside know? The truth is that I always knew it would take a lot of time and a lot of hard work. I had to get on with it. That was the reality.

  • Ronaldo is an awesome player!

    Ronaldo has to be on the greatest players i have ever seen walk on to a soccer field. He has an amazing skill that very few people posses. He is an awesome player when it comes down to playing. He leads the worldcup in most goals scored ever well in the world cup. He has come back from injuries that were career threating but he bounced back and played like it was his last game every game. That last goal his 15th goal was super duper sweet. I mean he has great talent to break ankles the way that he does with a soccer ball!moreless
  • One of the greatest!

    I was really upset that he left Internazionale Fc I.E. Inter Milan to go play for Real Madrid! He had is best years at Inter but he still plays well at Real Madrid! He can dribble well and has awesome control! He is the best player on Real Madrid! But his best years are behind him now!