Rondell Sheridan

Rondell Sheridan


8/15/1958, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Robert Rondelle Sheridan



Also Known As

Rondelle Sheridan, IT IS
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Rondell Sheridan is an African-American actor and comedian. He has been in the acting career since 1983, when he starred in the movie Deadtime Stories, as the Looney Bin Guard. He later created the show Minor Adjustments, and also starred on the Show as Dr. Ron Aimes. One…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He attended the 2005 Marquette university weekend with the Ethnic Alumni Association. While there, he signed autographs.

    • He is 6'5", his skin color and eye color are both brown, and his hair color (What's left of it) is black.

    • He has played the role of a father three times. First in Minor Adjustments, then in Cousin Skeeter, and third in That's So Raven. Coincedentally, those are the only shows he has had a starring role in as of September 2006.

    • Aside from TV acting and his comedy works, he has also been credited for the following:
      *Composer of the opening theme for Richard Jeni:Platypus Man
      *Star in the Movie Deadtime Stories as the Looney Bin Guard
      *Creator of Minor Adjustments
      *Director of the That's So Raven episode entitled Numb and Numb-er.

    • He's been learning his craft for fifteen years and has over four hours of material.

    • People say that they've seen him twice in one week and he didn't use any of the same material.

    • He was the second comedian, Jerry Seinfeld being first, to whom the Writers Guild of America granted a "co-created by credit" for their own situation comedy.

    • His special skills, according to himself, are "eating chips and sitting in comfortable chairs".

    • Rondell enjoys graphic design, music composition, digital photography, and sports, namely basketball.

    • As of 2006, Rondell Sheridan currently resides in LA.

    • Rondell was accepted into the prestigious acting school Circle in the Square, with just raw talent and good fortune.

    • He moved to New York after college.

    • Rondell attended Marquette University in Milwaukee.

    • He was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.

    • Rondell is the host of "Show Me the Funny."

  • Quotes

    • Rondell: I've always just gravitated toward storytelling, and with the early inspiration of such comedic 'storytellers' as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Bill Cosby, I knew that I had made the right choice, and I always wanted an occupation that made sense for me.

  • Just saw him live and he had me laughing the whole time. Very off the cuff humor, very spontaneous, not canned, not all pre-written. Very funny man. I'd pay to see him any where, any time, again and again. I'd travel great distances to see him.moreless

    He was the headliner on the cruise I just saw and he was amazing. We laughed the whole time. His talents are so under used on "That's So Raven" His standup is fresh, family oriented, funny, and very off the cuff. He was able to interact with the audience quite easily and it was really fun to watch the show. He was very professional and I can tell you, I'd travel great distances and pay big money to see him again. He'd be able to do his act not only on cruise ships, but also at business conventions, and in clubs. He material is well rounded and kind. He doesn't offend and he doesn't need to hurt people to make others laugh. He was great.moreless
  • He's a good actor.

    Rondell Sheridan is an African- American actor. He was born in 1958. He is a good actor. I know him best from the hit Disney Channel Original Series, That's So Raven. He plays Victor Baxter, Raven's father. He is married to Tanya Baxter. He can be really funny on that show. He's great on it. He is also in the spinoff of That's So Raven called Cory in the House. His role is Cory's father, ike in TSR, and he is the presiden't personal chef. I've also seen him as a panelist on the Nickelodeon GAS Show, Figure It Out.moreless