Rondell Sheridan





8/15/1958 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Robert Rondelle Sheridan




Rondell Sheridan is an African-American actor and comedian. He has been in the acting career since 1983, when he starred in the movie Deadtime Stories, as the Looney Bin Guard. He later created the show Minor Adjustments, and also starred on the Show as Dr. Ron Aimes. One of his first major roles in shows for children/teenagers was in the Nickelodeon TV show, Cousin Skeeter, as Andre, Bobby's father. He currently plays Victor Baxter, Raven's and Cory's father in the TV series That's So Raven, and will reprise the same role in the upcoming TV series Cory in the House. According to Cartoon Network Magazine, he may do the voiceover for Magilla Gorilla for the 2008 movie.

He went to and graduated from Marquette University, majoring in Interpersonal Communications, with a minor in Advertising. He later went to the acting school Circle in the Square, located in NYC. He has been on the Tonight Show and the Conan 'O Brian Show talk shows, and appeared on Comedy Central's Lounge Lizards.
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