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  • Just saw him live and he had me laughing the whole time. Very off the cuff humor, very spontaneous, not canned, not all pre-written. Very funny man. I'd pay to see him any where, any time, again and again. I'd travel great distances to see him.

    He was the headliner on the cruise I just saw and he was amazing. We laughed the whole time. His talents are so under used on "That's So Raven" His standup is fresh, family oriented, funny, and very off the cuff. He was able to interact with the audience quite easily and it was really fun to watch the show. He was very professional and I can tell you, I'd travel great distances and pay big money to see him again. He'd be able to do his act not only on cruise ships, but also at business conventions, and in clubs. He material is well rounded and kind. He doesn't offend and he doesn't need to hurt people to make others laugh. He was great.