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  • Trivia

    • He attended the 2005 Marquette university weekend with the Ethnic Alumni Association. While there, he signed autographs.

    • He is 6'5", his skin color and eye color are both brown, and his hair color (What's left of it) is black.

    • He has played the role of a father three times. First in Minor Adjustments, then in Cousin Skeeter, and third in That's So Raven. Coincedentally, those are the only shows he has had a starring role in as of September 2006.

    • Aside from TV acting and his comedy works, he has also been credited for the following:
      *Composer of the opening theme for Richard Jeni:Platypus Man
      *Star in the Movie Deadtime Stories as the Looney Bin Guard
      *Creator of Minor Adjustments
      *Director of the That's So Raven episode entitled Numb and Numb-er.

    • He's been learning his craft for fifteen years and has over four hours of material.

    • People say that they've seen him twice in one week and he didn't use any of the same material.

    • He was the second comedian, Jerry Seinfeld being first, to whom the Writers Guild of America granted a "co-created by credit" for their own situation comedy.

    • His special skills, according to himself, are "eating chips and sitting in comfortable chairs".

    • Rondell enjoys graphic design, music composition, digital photography, and sports, namely basketball.

    • As of 2006, Rondell Sheridan currently resides in LA.

    • Rondell was accepted into the prestigious acting school Circle in the Square, with just raw talent and good fortune.

    • He moved to New York after college.

    • Rondell attended Marquette University in Milwaukee.

    • He was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.

    • Rondell is the host of "Show Me the Funny."

  • Quotes

    • Rondell: I've always just gravitated toward storytelling, and with the early inspiration of such comedic 'storytellers' as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Bill Cosby, I knew that I had made the right choice, and I always wanted an occupation that made sense for me.