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    • Ronn: What is my advice to Ridge? Just leave Brooke alone and get on with your life. There's gotta be other women in LA, besides the one who has two kids with your dad!

    • Ronn: (his affinity with Australia) It's great coming here and having everyone understand my sense of humour, because I share a sense of humour with Australians - that Aussie sensibility of not taking yourself too seriously. That really appeals to me. When I make a joke in Europe they're like, "huh?' because in Italian it means something rude about your mother! I have to be careful overseas, so that's what I love about Australia - I can be myself here.

    • Ronn: (when asked if there have been storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful he just didn't want to do) We had the one with Ridge and Bridget. It was a bit dicey getting into that territory being that I had delivered her in the cabin when she was born. Then I thought she was my daughter, then I found out she was my half-sister, and then it turned into a romantic thing when she grew up in just a couple of years.

    • Ronn: (when asked if people treat him as his The Bold and the Beautiful character, Ridge Forrester) Oh yeah, they call the studio switchboard constantly and ask for the characters. We have a poor lady whose job it is to convince them we're actors and we're busy at work right now! And they ask for bizarre stuff - we aren't even told the weird things that the crazed fans ask for.

    • Ronn: My 12-year-old is already going on 17. I thought I was going to be spared a couple more years, but it's started already. The other day I got, 'Dad, I'm not a kid any more!' But I'm there with her. I'm a very hands-on dad. I like being with them as much as possible. I'm happiest at home barbecuing with my girls.

    • Ronn: (on writing a tell-all book) There would be a hell of a lot to tell. But I'd never do it because I don't need to do that. It's just not something that is in my psyche. I have been videoing behind the scenes of our show for 20 years. I've got so much footage that I will eventually make into a documentary on the history of our show. But everyone who's on it trusts me to edit out the hissy fits. I've got some funny stuff. Behind the scenes is a whole other soap opera!

    • Ronn: I'm a jean and T-shirt slob. I don't have the interest in clothes that I should, given the character I play. It's not something I'm concerned about. There are more important things in life.

    • Ronn: (on covering ZZ Top's 'Sharp Dressed Man') It's one of those songs that I've always liked. It's a good crowd-pleaser and I wanted to add something to the live shows that people would be familiar with, along with my own stuff. When we recorded it, it came out kind of nice so we ended up using it.