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Ronne Troup

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Ronne Troup is the daughter of the late musician (Route 66) and actor (Emergency!) Bobby Troup. She first drew attention in 1968 playing the plucky Leslie Hayden on the cliff-hanger serial Danger Island, which appeared as a regular segment of the Saturday morning kid's program, The Banana Splits…more


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    • Ronne Troup nearly played the title role in the TV series The Flying Nun. The role of Sister Bertrille had been created for Sally Field, who had recently completed her one-year run as TV's Gidget. But Field turned the series down, preferring instead to pursue a movie career. So, the producers gave the role to Ronne. They even shot a pilot episode with her. But, it wasn't to be. Field had a change of heart and decided to take the role after all, and Ronne was let go in favor of the better-known actress. This was a year before Danger Island and three years before she joined the cast of My Three Sons.

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