Ronne Troup




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Ronne Troup is the daughter of the late musician (Route 66) and actor (Emergency!) Bobby Troup. She first drew attention in 1968 playing the plucky Leslie Hayden on the cliff-hanger serial Danger Island, which appeared as a regular segment of the Saturday morning kid's program, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

Ronne's only recorded role prior to Danger Island was as one of the school girls in the Hayley Mills film, The Trouble With Angels.

Ronne went on to play Chip's wife, Polly, during the last two seasons of My Three Sons. This is probably her best-known role. Following this, her career continued primarily in the form of TV guest roles. She appeared in a few TV movies and in guest roles on a large number of TV series, including The Partridge Family (as little next-door-neighbor Ricky's older sister) and Emergency! (appearing with her father, Bobby). Later in life, she played a small recurring role on the nighttime soap Knots Landing (as Barbara, Meg's nanny). More recently, she has made guest appearances on programs such as The Practice, ER, The West Wing, and Cold Case.

Ronne has been married twice and has two daughters. Primarily because of her involvement in Danger Island and My Three Sons, she still has a small legion of nostalgic fans out there who will always remember her fondly.